Your alternative Halloween playlist

halloween playlist

Bored to death of the same old Halloween playlist? Well, if you think that the Monster Mash is no longer a graveyard smash, then I have a few songs that will get you into the spirit of all hallows eve without trying to summon the actual Death.

*WARNING: THIS PLAYLIST IS KIND OF EMO (but what else would you expect from me?)

DEAD! – My Chemical Romance

Walked With A Zombie – Wednesday 13

Pet Sematary – Ramones

Little Ghost – The White Stripes

Kiss The Devil – Eagle of Death Metal

See You In Hell – Aiden

If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will – Pup

The Distillers – Drain the Blood

What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost – Taking Back Sunday

Strange Things – Randy Newman

Try not to sing this in Rick Grimes’ (Walking Dead) voice… #strangethangs



In memory of The King – My Top 10 Elvis songs


40 years ago today the world lost Elvis…but we didn’t lose his music. With 21 UK number 1’s – and countless others across the world – he was, and continues to be, one of the most successful artists of all time.

From multiple family members loving The King to my favourite Disney film, Lilo & Stitch, featuring a handful of his songs, it’s hard for me not to have a soft spot this smooth talking, hip shaking, blue suede shoe wearing singer. So without further ado, here are my Top 10 Elvis songs.

1 – Devil in Disguise

2 – Don’t Be Cruel

3 – Burning Love

4 – Fever

5 – Can’t Help Falling In Love

6 – Heartbreak Hotel

7 – Shake, Rattle and Roll

8 – The Girl of My Best Friend

9 – King Creole

10 – Suspicious Minds

BONUS TRACK: It’s not Christmas yet, but you gotta love Blue Christmas


Main Elvis Image Source: Elvis-TKC


Blink…and we missed it.

Last week I got stood up by three guys in one day.’s not what you think. I was one of the thousands of unlucky Blink 182 fans who had tickets to their cancelled Bournemouth show.

Bummer right?

Well, luckily for my friends and I, a knight in a shining pug t-shirt appeared and saved the day.

Frank Turner, who was supposed to be supporting Blink, rallied around with his crew to put on a show for us fans, and to be honest – it was a serious upgrade on the original show. I went from restricted nosebleed seats in a huge venue to being 5th row watching intimate acoustic sets from, one of my favourite bands, The Front Bottoms, and my best friend’s favourite musician and overall nice guy, Frank Turner.


For both acts we shouted out requests, and one highlight in particular was how, because the band’s equipment never made it off the lorries, the crowd had to become the other instruments. We joyfully belted out the second guitar parts vocally for The Front Bottoms’ Twin Sized Mattress and Peach. The atmosphere was electric.


The evening wasn’t totally Blinkless, Frank sang ‘Dammit’ which I caught on video:

Not only did we get to see the show – we even managed to meet Brian from TFB, which we probably wouldn’t have been able to do originally.


So, even though it was pretty disappointing to miss out on Blink 182, we still got to see and hear some amazing music.

Emo Love Songs For Emo Hearts

Welcome to my Valentine’s day special! Whether you’re in love, looking for love or just chilling at home because its Tuesday – I’ve put together 10 of the best Emo Love songs.

So apply your red eyeliner, comb that fringe over your eyes and grab your studded belt – this Valentine’s is gonna be emo(tional).

My Chemical Romance – Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Hawthorne Heights – Niki FM

Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of the 20th Century

Aiden – Die Romantic

The Used – I Caught Fire

Fall Out Boy – I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love

HIM – The Funeral Of Hearts

Straylight Run – Existentialism On Prom Night

Going Koko-Loko for Punk-Rock


Inspirational quotes aside, Amy (gal-pal) and I visited the capital recently to attend possibly one of the greatest line-ups of all time – Tiny Moving Parts, PUP and The Wonder Years. (Trash Boat also played but I wasn’t a massive fan. Don’t get me wrong, they do generic pop-punk very well, just not my thing).



My photos didn’t turn out too great, but I’ve picked out some of my favorite tracks by the bands that played.

The Wonder Years

The headliners of the night, I’ve been waiting to see these guys forever. Many a drunken night ended in Amy and myself screaming “PLAY MELROSE” at the DJ, who (obviously) had no idea what we were talking about.


The Wonder Years + Balloons = Happy Amy & Ellie

The Wonder Years mostly played songs from their latest album No Closer To Heaven, but they did throw in a few long time fan favourites which sent us all into a frenzy. Two of which were…

Came out Swinging

The Devil In My Bloodstream


I’ve been listening to Canadian band, PUP, for a couple of years now, and this was the third time I’ve seen them live. If you like hard hitting, fast punk rock with rough vocals then you are going to love PUP.


“Every line, every goddamn syllable that you say makes me wanna gouge out my eyes with a power drill”

Its hard to pick just two tracks because not only is every song on point, their music videos are Oscar worthy. You might recognise a certain Stranger Things star in Guilt Trip and Sleep In The Heat

If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

Dark Days

Tiny Moving Parts


Tiny Moving Blarts…Mall Cop.

The first band of the night were Tiny Moving Parts. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them live, and honestly, you’ve never heard anything like it. The way these three dudes from Minnesota are able to gel almost disjointed riffs together amazes me. Just listen…

Common Cold

Always Focused

Tiny Moving Parts get a bonus song just because the music video for Headache is so good.

As well as attending the show, we explored London / I forced Amy to go into the new Lego store in Leicester Square and take photos.


The only tube I’ve never felt anxious about getting on.


Chinese New Year decorations in China Town


Not sure whats more questionable. The Asian boyband drinks, or the fact they were the only ones not on offer…


This week I have mainly been listening to the album ‘Turn To Gold’ by Diarrhea Planet, a band with a really solid name with much less solid connotations.

goldish front cursive

I’ve been listening to this band for a couple of years and the first track I ever heard was the lyrically genius Ghost with a Boner, I looked it up on PooTube and was (rusty) hooked.

The band is made up of 6 members, a drummer (standard), a bassist (standard) and four guitarists (sta-wait WHAT?!) Yeah. FOUR…and it shows through this album. It is a real shredder.

I’ve never tried it myself, but rumour has it that listening to these tracks on volume 11 is enough to melt even the most metal of faces and loosen the tightest of buttholes.

From songs about riding motorcycles in heaven with Jesus, to picking panties out of buttcracks, to Bob Dylan’s grandma, it’s a real treat to listen to.

Top Tracks

Life Pass

Ain’t A Sin To Win

What I’ve been listening to this week 07.01.17

Bayside? More like BAEside – AMIRITE?!

Okay. I’ll stop. But seriously, never failing to impress, Bayside’s latest album ‘Vacancy’ has been the soundtrack to my week.

The band brought out their self titled album in 2005, and in Autumn 2006, I saw them live for the first time on the Victory Records tour – I’ve been hooked ever since.

The follow up to 2014’s ‘Cult’, ‘Vacancy’ is a journey through divorce. It’s documented that Raneri actually wrote the songs whilst living in a motel during his own break up. But as our lead sings on the final track “It’s not as depressing as it sounds”.

With thick riffs and melodies to melt over, ‘Vacancy’ is actually a really fun album. Go check it out.

My stand out tracks


Pretty Vacant

TRIVIA! The building on the front of the album cover is where he stayed during those months.