lets-all-go-to-the-lobby-3Now, I watch a lot of movies – some good, some bad, some plain ugly. I’m going to chat about just a few of the films I’ve seen recently.

La La Land (2017)


Let’s start with the movie that really cleared up at this year’s awards ceremonies. Normally I don’t watch big award winning movies at the cinema, and never thought I would again after The Big Short / The Big Nap fiasco of 2016.

The first 20 minutes of La La Land were more ‘Blah Blah Bland’, but once I got past the first few songs, the story kicked in and I found it pretty enjoyable!

The film follows an aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) and a jazz musician called Seb (The Goz) who can’t make his rent payments. The two keep bumping into each other, there’s a dance number, and a weird flying scene (less said about it the better) but like any Hollywood built love story, there are ups and downs, a pretty big twist and lots of turns – which at times can leave the viewer frustrated, but also wanting more.

La La Land is also very visually pleasing. The use of bright colours give it that backlot Hollywood classic feel. Speaking of backlots, I have an obsession with movie backlot tours, facts and Easter Eggs, and one thing I loved about this film was the fact that Mia works at a coffee shop on the Warner Bros lot in LA. Trivia time…Mia’s scenes are actually shot on French street which is just around the corner to Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) which was filmed on both French Street and Midwest Street. La La Land also shared this street with Casablanca and Small Soldiers – THE MORE YOU KNOW!



External set – French Street, Warner Bros Lot

Anyway, the film was stunning, it deserved all of the awards it got, The Gosling’s hands are magic and Emma Stone is a Queen (I’m still not over Spiderman 2 btw). If I learnt anything from the film though, it is that three cappuccinos and a week of research won’t prepare you for a job interview like an impromptu dance number with Ryan Gosling. onesheet

The Sweetest Thing (2002)

What a doozy. Why did I even watch this. The story stinks, the characters stink and the humour stinks. Starring Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate, this early noughties film is an hour and a half of pure rubbish. There was one scene I had time for…fun, teenage movie, dressing room montage, but even that wasn’t great…oh and the penis song was funny for about 20 seconds, but this was a five minute bit. Terrible.

Inception (2010)


Okay. So my dreams haven’t been the same since watching this film. They have become far too adventurous, and over the past few days I’ve been waking up pretty tired. Inception is about a couple of guys (Leonardo Dicaprisun & Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who make a deal with a business man (Ken Watanabe) to get into the heir of a different business man’s (Cillian Murphy) head to be able to alter his money making decisions – i think.

In order to do this, they get a team together (Tom Hardy, Ellen Page & Dileep Rao) to enter Murphy’s dreams three times in a row (so a dream, within a dream, within  dream). Two scenes really stood out for me, firstly when Leo take Juno into his dream for the first time and she starts altering buildings and bridges. The second is the anti-gravity fight scene with J G-L whch was seriously clever and cool.

Sound confusing? It is, but the cast is brilliant and if you put your phone away and follow it closely its actually a really good film.


Emo Love Songs For Emo Hearts

Welcome to my Valentine’s day special! Whether you’re in love, looking for love or just chilling at home because its Tuesday – I’ve put together 10 of the best Emo Love songs.

So apply your red eyeliner, comb that fringe over your eyes and grab your studded belt – this Valentine’s is gonna be emo(tional).

My Chemical Romance – Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Hawthorne Heights – Niki FM

Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of the 20th Century

Aiden – Die Romantic

The Used – I Caught Fire

Fall Out Boy – I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love

HIM – The Funeral Of Hearts

Straylight Run – Existentialism On Prom Night

Going Koko-Loko for Punk-Rock


Inspirational quotes aside, Amy (gal-pal) and I visited the capital recently to attend possibly one of the greatest line-ups of all time – Tiny Moving Parts, PUP and The Wonder Years. (Trash Boat also played but I wasn’t a massive fan. Don’t get me wrong, they do generic pop-punk very well, just not my thing).



My photos didn’t turn out too great, but I’ve picked out some of my favorite tracks by the bands that played.

The Wonder Years

The headliners of the night, I’ve been waiting to see these guys forever. Many a drunken night ended in Amy and myself screaming “PLAY MELROSE” at the DJ, who (obviously) had no idea what we were talking about.


The Wonder Years + Balloons = Happy Amy & Ellie

The Wonder Years mostly played songs from their latest album No Closer To Heaven, but they did throw in a few long time fan favourites which sent us all into a frenzy. Two of which were…

Came out Swinging

The Devil In My Bloodstream


I’ve been listening to Canadian band, PUP, for a couple of years now, and this was the third time I’ve seen them live. If you like hard hitting, fast punk rock with rough vocals then you are going to love PUP.


“Every line, every goddamn syllable that you say makes me wanna gouge out my eyes with a power drill”

Its hard to pick just two tracks because not only is every song on point, their music videos are Oscar worthy. You might recognise a certain Stranger Things star in Guilt Trip and Sleep In The Heat

If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

Dark Days

Tiny Moving Parts


Tiny Moving Blarts…Mall Cop.

The first band of the night were Tiny Moving Parts. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them live, and honestly, you’ve never heard anything like it. The way these three dudes from Minnesota are able to gel almost disjointed riffs together amazes me. Just listen…

Common Cold

Always Focused

Tiny Moving Parts get a bonus song just because the music video for Headache is so good.

As well as attending the show, we explored London / I forced Amy to go into the new Lego store in Leicester Square and take photos.


The only tube I’ve never felt anxious about getting on.


Chinese New Year decorations in China Town


Not sure whats more questionable. The Asian boyband drinks, or the fact they were the only ones not on offer…

Merry Janmas!

January – the month where dreams and goals come to die. To commemorate the end of the longest and coldest month of the year, my friends decided jump in a sleigh, hang up the ornaments and host “Janmas” – the much anticipated sequel to Christmas – complete with food, drinks, old emo photos of each other and a cardboard cutout of Ryan from HSM.


Slippin’, slidin’, ridin’ dat rhythm straight into your DMs.

Janmas’ very own Boxing Day was just as coffee and chocolate filled as a regular Boxing Day…just with more wrestling….and Korn.


My motto for everything.


Pre-rumble session with the boys.


Yes, the flowers are pretty. Yes, that is a Halloween ornament next to the flowers.

Song of the weekend: Korn – Here to stay

Let’s all go to the lobby (vol. 1)


This is the part where I tell you about the movies I’ve watched this week…they might be good…they might not be. Should you watch them? I dunno, it’s your taste dude.

1. Why Him?

mv5bmtezotm0mdg5mdneqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mde0mjyxmzkx-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_The one film I went to see at the cinema this week was Why Him? Starring James Franco, Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally, this film is about a girl who invites her family to meet her new boo – a dim-witted but charmingly honest app developer (Franco).

It’s a really funny and modern film which features some amazing cameos to look out for – there is even toilet humour (aka. the best kind of humour).

So if you’re in need of some comic relief, grab your friends, grab some popcorn and head out to see this movie.

2. Ruby Sparks

74f3d7f6daeb475f78424d9ec04225f0Awkward writer seeks fictional girl.

This film came out in 2012 and I’m amazed I hadn’t seen it yet. Writer (played by Paul Dano) starts a new book all about the girl of his dreams, but dream becomes reality when the girl he is writing about comes to life.

Dano has a lot to overcome in this Rom com/ drama (depression, writers block, the fact he owns a magic type writer) but it makes for a fun ride.


3. Weird Science

weird_scienceAwkward geeks seek fictional girl.

So apparently there was a bit of a running theme. From the realm of John Hughes, this 1985 movie is kookie, fun, a little bit weird, but a little lot awesome.

Two geeky dudes create the perfect girl from a lightening bolt, super computer and a Barbie – then they throw a huge house party.

This film stars Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and a pubescent Iron Man which is just delightful.

A fun watch for anyone who is looking for something a bit silly.


This week I have mainly been listening to the album ‘Turn To Gold’ by Diarrhea Planet, a band with a really solid name with much less solid connotations.

goldish front cursive

I’ve been listening to this band for a couple of years and the first track I ever heard was the lyrically genius Ghost with a Boner, I looked it up on PooTube and was (rusty) hooked.

The band is made up of 6 members, a drummer (standard), a bassist (standard) and four guitarists (sta-wait WHAT?!) Yeah. FOUR…and it shows through this album. It is a real shredder.

I’ve never tried it myself, but rumour has it that listening to these tracks on volume 11 is enough to melt even the most metal of faces and loosen the tightest of buttholes.

From songs about riding motorcycles in heaven with Jesus, to picking panties out of buttcracks, to Bob Dylan’s grandma, it’s a real treat to listen to.

Top Tracks

Life Pass

Ain’t A Sin To Win

What I’ve been listening to this week 07.01.17

Bayside? More like BAEside – AMIRITE?!

Okay. I’ll stop. But seriously, never failing to impress, Bayside’s latest album ‘Vacancy’ has been the soundtrack to my week.

The band brought out their self titled album in 2005, and in Autumn 2006, I saw them live for the first time on the Victory Records tour – I’ve been hooked ever since.

The follow up to 2014’s ‘Cult’, ‘Vacancy’ is a journey through divorce. It’s documented that Raneri actually wrote the songs whilst living in a motel during his own break up. But as our lead sings on the final track “It’s not as depressing as it sounds”.

With thick riffs and melodies to melt over, ‘Vacancy’ is actually a really fun album. Go check it out.

My stand out tracks


Pretty Vacant

TRIVIA! The building on the front of the album cover is where he stayed during those months.