Blink…and we missed it.

Last week I got stood up by three guys in one day.’s not what you think. I was one of the thousands of unlucky Blink 182 fans who had tickets to their cancelled Bournemouth show.

Bummer right?

Well, luckily for my friends and I, a knight in a shining pug t-shirt appeared and saved the day.

Frank Turner, who was supposed to be supporting Blink, rallied around with his crew to put on a show for us fans, and to be honest – it was a serious upgrade on the original show. I went from restricted nosebleed seats in a huge venue to being 5th row watching intimate acoustic sets from, one of my favourite bands, The Front Bottoms, and my best friend’s favourite musician and overall nice guy, Frank Turner.


For both acts we shouted out requests, and one highlight in particular was how, because the band’s equipment never made it off the lorries, the crowd had to become the other instruments. We joyfully belted out the second guitar parts vocally for The Front Bottoms’ Twin Sized Mattress and Peach. The atmosphere was electric.


The evening wasn’t totally Blinkless, Frank sang ‘Dammit’ which I caught on video:

Not only did we get to see the show – we even managed to meet Brian from TFB, which we probably wouldn’t have been able to do originally.


So, even though it was pretty disappointing to miss out on Blink 182, we still got to see and hear some amazing music.


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