lets-all-go-to-the-lobby-3Now, I watch a lot of movies – some good, some bad, some plain ugly. I’m going to chat about just a few of the films I’ve seen recently.

La La Land (2017)


Let’s start with the movie that really cleared up at this year’s awards ceremonies. Normally I don’t watch big award winning movies at the cinema, and never thought I would again after The Big Short / The Big Nap fiasco of 2016.

The first 20 minutes of La La Land were more ‘Blah Blah Bland’, but once I got past the first few songs, the story kicked in and I found it pretty enjoyable!

The film follows an aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) and a jazz musician called Seb (The Goz) who can’t make his rent payments. The two keep bumping into each other, there’s a dance number, and a weird flying scene (less said about it the better) but like any Hollywood built love story, there are ups and downs, a pretty big twist and lots of turns – which at times can leave the viewer frustrated, but also wanting more.

La La Land is also very visually pleasing. The use of bright colours give it that backlot Hollywood classic feel. Speaking of backlots, I have an obsession with movie backlot tours, facts and Easter Eggs, and one thing I loved about this film was the fact that Mia works at a coffee shop on the Warner Bros lot in LA. Trivia time…Mia’s scenes are actually shot on French street which is just around the corner to Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) which was filmed on both French Street and Midwest Street. La La Land also shared this street with Casablanca and Small Soldiers – THE MORE YOU KNOW!



External set – French Street, Warner Bros Lot

Anyway, the film was stunning, it deserved all of the awards it got, The Gosling’s hands are magic and Emma Stone is a Queen (I’m still not over Spiderman 2 btw). If I learnt anything from the film though, it is that three cappuccinos and a week of research won’t prepare you for a job interview like an impromptu dance number with Ryan Gosling. onesheet

The Sweetest Thing (2002)

What a doozy. Why did I even watch this. The story stinks, the characters stink and the humour stinks. Starring Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate, this early noughties film is an hour and a half of pure rubbish. There was one scene I had time for…fun, teenage movie, dressing room montage, but even that wasn’t great…oh and the penis song was funny for about 20 seconds, but this was a five minute bit. Terrible.

Inception (2010)


Okay. So my dreams haven’t been the same since watching this film. They have become far too adventurous, and over the past few days I’ve been waking up pretty tired. Inception is about a couple of guys (Leonardo Dicaprisun & Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who make a deal with a business man (Ken Watanabe) to get into the heir of a different business man’s (Cillian Murphy) head to be able to alter his money making decisions – i think.

In order to do this, they get a team together (Tom Hardy, Ellen Page & Dileep Rao) to enter Murphy’s dreams three times in a row (so a dream, within a dream, within  dream). Two scenes really stood out for me, firstly when Leo take Juno into his dream for the first time and she starts altering buildings and bridges. The second is the anti-gravity fight scene with J G-L whch was seriously clever and cool.

Sound confusing? It is, but the cast is brilliant and if you put your phone away and follow it closely its actually a really good film.


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